Education + Capacity Building

Capacity Building efforts center on human development and education with the goal of improved outcomes in skills development, growth, and self-resilience. We support the local schools and after school programs to expand opportunities.

Berkshire Community College Turf Field

Mill Town Foundation provided critical engagement, support, and capital to Berkshire Community College and Friends in an effort to construct and program Pittsfield’s first synthetic turf field on BCC’s campus. This field is currently used for youth sports practices and games on a year-round basis and provides a level playing field for local teams competing with those from outside the area.

Mill +Main

Located in the heart of Dalton, MA, Mill + Main is the former Kittridge House property. The property was acquired by the Trimix Foundation in 2018, and Mill Town Foundation led the renovation and programming of a new community asset with the Dalton CRA. This property has provided a valued resource to the community and is likely to be a part of the CRA’s campus for years to come.

Dalton CRA

Mill Town Foundation has been a partner of the CRA since our inception. We have supported the CRA’s strategic plan development in 2017-18, and have been a regular participant in focus group and Board meetings of the CRA in an effort to support the organization’s strategic planning.